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Membership Information & Conditions

The Royal Motor Yacht Club currently has a total of 1,600 members and new members are welcome.

The principle objective of the club is to promote and facilitate the sport of Motor boating and Yachting. New members would be expected to be boat owners or those who can demonstrate a past or present boating interest.

The club does not at present accept Social Members.

Prospective Candidates are invited to apply for an applicable category membership:–

  • Family Membership
  • Ordinary Membership (Members aged between 25 and 30 receive a Concessionary 50% reduction in Membership Fee)
  • Junior Membership (18-25)
  • Cadet Membership (7 years but under 18)
  • Probationary Membership

Applicants with the exception of Probationary Candidates, will require a Proposer and Seconder who have known them for at least one year and who have been voting members for two years. All prospective members will be interviewed by the Membership Committee.

Guidance Notes for Candidates can be downloaded from this site. Application forms and membership fees can be collected in person from the club office.