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Race Support

The RMYC Race Series is held at the Club on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings. The series relies entirely upon Club volunteers who give up their time to help with gun deck and RIB duties. On Thursdays the work involves preparation on the gun deck, course setting, signalling, starting, postponing, recalling, controlling races, shortening course, abandoning, safety, finishing and tidying up. On each race day there will be a Race Officer, an Assistant Race Officer, and several gun deck assistants. The assistants provide the all important tasks of signal flag handling, gun/hooter operation, boat number spotting and recording starters and finishers.

On Sunday mornings, there is usually only one or occasionally two, classes that race.  The task is consequently much easier and only a Race Officer and two assistants, plus a RIB crew, is required.


The Race Officer requires some degree of expertise in yacht racing, in order to provide a course that will ensure competitors finish in a reasonable time, having enjoyed some competitive racing.   For all other volunteers on the gun deck, no previous racing experience is required.   Members who volunteer to help but have no knowledge of sail racing, quickly pick up the procedures involved in starting races and race management generally.  For RIB race patrol duty, the RIB driver must be RYA Level 2 trained.

The Thursday series runs from late April until late August each year.  Some weeks prior to the commencement of the series, a roster of Race Officers, Gun Deck Assistants and RIB crews is prepared.   If, for some unforeseen circumstance, you are no longer able to perform duty on a date for which you had volunteered, please in the first instance try and arrange a mutual swap with another volunteer.   Please inform the RMYC office of any changes.