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The RMYC has hosted sail racing for around 90 years and the tradition is continued to this day.  Those taking part are in the main recreational racers, although several are top class helms who, although regularly entering large national events, also enjoy the more relaxed level of club racing.   All those taking part in racing, at whatever level, are looking for enjoyable, competitive racing in the club environment.  They are in effect our customers and the RMYC strives to provide customer satisfaction by competently organising efficient race management.

ADJUSTED_image_racingRacing at the RMYC is provided for a number of large and small keel boat classes.  The restrictions on storage and slipways at the Club, means it does not lend itself to dinghy racing.  Racing takes place both within Poole Harbour and in Poole Bay.  By arrangement with Poole Yachting Association, the Club has free access to harbour courses on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.  The Club also holds a one-day regatta for the smaller keel boat classes, usually in June each year.   All racing is open to competitors from other clubs.



Flying 15s/XODs